Raw oysters shucked and served at your private event.

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"What makes your mouth water more than a plate of fresh, glistening oysters? How about having those shellfish brought to your home by a handsome young oysterman who preps and serves them, then tidies up and disappears into the night." 


 The Oyster Boys

 A team of San Diego-based caterers on speed dial for gracious hosts across southern California. Chris Reid and Rhett Melbo are fixtures at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, where every Sunday they sell up to 10 Pacific oyster varieties, mussels and clams.  They’re also the supplier of choice for restaurants such as L& E oyster bar and Cliffs Edge.

In Our off-hours, we cater.   We create homemade dipping sauces (mignonette, ponzu and more) We'll shuck while you dress the oysters with the condiments of your choosing, and enjoy the freshest, tastiest oysters you have ever had! Typical event lasts 1 1/2 to 2 hours. We have many different oyster varieties to chose from.

Flexible to fit your parties needs!


Oyster Boys are charming, reasonable ($550 for 30 dozen oysters, service included)

Oyster Boys are at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market, Ivar and Selma aves., Hollywood; 760-672-2283

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